I feel that I may have been born in the wrong decade. Wearing a Canadian tuxedo is weekly thing for me, and I embrace it fully. I grew up on 80s movies and embraced the music that my dad introduced me to at a young age. Consuming films of all different genres and types is truly a passion of mine. Dissecting and learning from the best directors has helped inspire me to tell my own stories. There is no shortage of things to be told and I feel that I have a unique perspective to tell stories.

It has been hard to know how to embrace my hispanic heritage over the years, but I am finally feeling confident in showcasing that. I was able to accomplish this with the Home Depot spot that I directed this semester, where it was important to remain as true and authentic to Mexican culture as I could within the piece. Even down to getting as close as I could to my grandmother's tamale recipe (she's better at cooking them than I am).

I have been able to grow significantly at telling stories in the visual medium throughout my time studying advertising and film. I currently have a Stephen King Dollar Baby that is in pre-production, and look forward to filming that.


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